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Back in 2013th, as a small company, after we had done a thorough research and experimentally planted three different species of plants (haskap, goji berry and aronia), we chose the one with the best qualities and planted our first haskap orchard on 3.5 hectares. In following years, 2014th and 2015th, we expanded the orchard to a bit more than 7 hectares.


Our standards

From our commitment and belief we raised our haskap orchard into an organic paradise. Each day we cultivate our plants with plenty of human care. Without pesticides or chemical fertilizers they grow in natural conditions while we give them only what is completely organic. For those high ecological standards we hold a certificate from a relevant institution.


At its full capacity the orchard yields from 60 to 90 tons of haskap berries annually, leaving us with lots of sweet fruit. We grow haskap and sell it as a fresh fruit or a row material for food industry. We also make haskap juice packaged into recyclable glass bottles.

A small company with the biggest

ecological haskap orchard in Europe

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